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Welcome to our online store! Please browse the categories of our store for gifts that you can buy for the Pastor that you sponsor. Just choose a category above and a list of items will be displayed. If you wish to buy an item that you see and then click Add to cart. Once you have all the items you wish to purchase in your cart just click the checkout button and follow the instructions for completing your order.

Please note that images are for display purposes only and some items are not always availabe in all countries, in which case we leave it down to the pastor to decide what is his biggest need in that case.

If you have any problems or suggestions the please do not hesitate to contact us at

Set of towels

Birthday celebration for pastors children

Broom and mop

Toothpaste and toothbrushes family set

Pressure cooker


Food Bag

Tool set

Notebook computer with printer



Preacher Buckman Amaning

Wife: Hervice Dansoa
Children: 6
Country: Ghana

Needs additional support
What is a sponsorship?

      I was saved in August 1971. One evening I decided to go and buy Kenkey (a popular food in Ghana) for my supper. On the way, I heard the sound of music and shouting, I went there and found out that it was a crusade by the Bethany Church Mission, I waited and after the sermon, was so moved that I even forgot that I was hungry! The preacher invited all who wanted to give their lives to Jesus. I went and from that day started to worship God through the Lord Jesus Christ with the branch of the church (Busuashire in Accra Ghana),

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