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This search page is designed to help you find a preacher in need. Just enter in as much information as you like, for example if you wish to find preachers who we currently sponsor who live in India, then all you need to do is go down to the country select box and select India and then click search.

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Preacher Leonidas Nsengi Yumva

Wife: Niyonzima Judith
Children: 8
Country: Burundi

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      I was born into a Christian family, where I was taught about Him from an early age.When I was thirteen years old, I was baptized in the Baptist Church after confessing that Jesus is the Lord of my life.From that moment on, I committed myself to serving Him.In 1990, after serving in my church as a preacher and a youth leader, I attended Bible school.After four years, I became ordained pastor; and, I am going to serve the Lord until the day I die.

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