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Final Frontiers Foundation Staff

Rev. Daniel Nelms

Daniel Nelms and family

   Born in August 1979 Daniel is the son of Jonathan and Juanita Nelms.

   Although Daniel started as a volunteer when he was a child he went on staff at Final Frontiers in 1998 as webmaster of

   Over the years he has started several companies but went full time with the foundation in 2006. He was ordained in in April 2011.

   In March 2007 he married his wife, Nolvia in Honduras. They have two daughters, Valentina and Elizabeth.

   His current position is Vice President of International Operations. Daniel Nelms’s personal website is located here.

Rev. Michael Horne

Sara Horne

Nolvia Nelms

Sandra Brown


Preacher Dummula Katama Swami

Wife: Ratnamma
Children: 3
Country: India

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   When I first became interested in my education, I happened to come to a town where I heard about Jesus, the real Savior of the world. Since I was from an idol worshiping family, I sought to know more and more about Jesus and began to pray to Him to come to me.I confessed all my sins and accepted Jesus as my personal Savior.I was baptized and tried to live a good life.All of my family banned me for the simple reason that I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

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