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Smugglers - God's Word for all people, in all lands, by all means.

   Years ago we started the Final Frontiers Society as a program in which folks could donate to the operating fund of our ministry. We borrowed the idea from the Gideon’s whose members make an annual donation to their “home office” so that all donations for Bibles can go 100% to that cause. At first many joined and helped but since we didn’t say much about it, our silence led to the majority of those contributions falling away. Later, when we were needing a name for our Bible distribution ministry we decided to take the “Society” name and apply it to that cause. Well it has just never caught on and in fact, does not begin to describe what we actually do with that ministry. So now, we have changed the name to more appropriately, though not in all cases, give immediate understanding of what we do regarding Bible distribution and (primarily) where we do it. That name is simply, Smugglers.

   Please keep in mind that we continually seek donations to print and distribute Bible and Bible portions in relatively free lands like Indian subcontinent, Latin America and Africa, but most of our efforts (though primarily unreported) are in the Islamic Middle East and Saharan Africa. These folks are cut off from obtaining God’s Word and often have never seen a copy. They have heard it exists but consider if you, and everyone you know has never seen it; how do you know it really exists. It can actually seem to be a wonderful fantasy, to think that your Creator left a written guide for you. Too good to be true! It is remarkable to see the looks on the faces of those who see a Bible for the first time and gently touch it, hug and kiss it and wipe their tears off the cover. Your support in the past has made this possible in hundreds of thousands of cases. I hope you will continue to join us in our Smuggling efforts until everyone has heard God’s Word and has access to a free copy.

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Preacher Marko Ndelitio Nassari

Wife: Tumunieli Marko Nassari
Children: 4
Country: Tanzania

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