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Jon Nelms, Founder/Chairman
Jon Nelms, Founder/Chairman

In the past, many have criticized and scoffed at our method of missions by suggesting that the national preachers are either ignorant or easily manipulated by finances and are therefore unworthy. Some go so far as to say “American money belongs to American missionaries”, forgetting or ignoring the scripture that says, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof”. When it comes to Christianity, there is no such thing as “American Money”. We are all citizens of Heaven first, and earthly citizens second. We all need to realize that the Great Commission was not given to a nation, it was given to the Bride of Christ. And if our concept of missions is to send messengers who look like us to preach to people who don’t, then we have done a pretty good job. But if our goal is to accomplish His Commission, then we have failed miserably.

There are Three Worlds; World A, World B and World C.

  • World A — The Unevangelized World

    Consists of 38 countries, each of which is less than 50% evangelized. They comprise about 29% of the world’s population. 2.5% of all missionaries are attempting to evangelize these nations

    (examples: Algeria, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Cambodia, Comoros, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Somalia, Yemen)

  • World B — The Evangelized, non-Christian World

    Consists of 59 countres, each of which is more than 50% evangelized. They comprise about 40% of the world’s population. 17.5% of all missionaries are attempting to evangelize these nations.

    (examples: Chad, China, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Syria, Thailand, Viet Nam)

  • World C — The Christian World

    Consists of 141 countries, each of which is more than 33% evangelized. They comprise about 31% of the world’s population. 80% of all missionaries are attempting to evangelize these nations.

    (examples: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Congo, France, Peru, Poland, Romania, Spain, United States)
As you can see, most missionaries go to countries that already have access to the gospel. That is not a crime, but one must wonder why only 2.5% of all American missionaries go to the most spiritually deprived places on earth. Our task is to change that and change it by utilizing and supporting the national preachers who are there to reach their own people. Generally speaking, for what it takes to support one American missionary, you can support 100 National Preachers. And they require no language school, no time raising support and no furloughs. They are accustomed to the food, the climate and the culture; and most of all, they are already serving, without support. Our system of subsidy (not salary) merely assists the national churches to allow their preachers serve full time and have funds for bibles, tracts, etc. and thereby, accomplish more.

Our success in supporting them to win souls, train young preachers and start new churches, certainly proves the scoffers to be wrong. In their rush to judgment, they forget that even we, ministers who are from the West, are ourselves, national preachers. And we have also had our share of fakes and failures in the ministry.

In all fairness, we too are opposed to giving out support to those who are unworthy, regardless of their citizenship. But our system of accountability and initial research prevents us from falling into that trap. A system that has become so popular, it is now being emulated by many other missions organizations and taught in bible colleges.

So before diving too deeply into our site, trying to learn all you can about “us”, be sure to spend some time reading the biographies and ministry statics of our preachers, especially those who are currently serving even without sponsorship which is just $50 monthly. This is after all, our main focus and our purpose for existence.

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Preacher Geofrey Wafula Sifuna

Wife: Mary Auma
Children: 8
Country: Kenya

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