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Thank you for making your first step towards supporting a national preacher! Please select below whether you would like us to pick a preacher for you who is urgent need or if you would like some assistance in choosing one.


Preacher Jose Arnulfo Vallecillo

Wife: Deceased
Children: 2
Country: Honduras

Needs additional support
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      I grew up in a religious home where I lived with my parents. I never went to the church when I was very young. Later, when my mother received Christ as her Savior, and I had grown some, she took upon herself the big task of trying to make me go to church. I was a rebellious boy, but the children in the Sunday School, and the teachers, stimulated my attention with a card. I had attended church four years, and then when I was adolescent, I went to church and the Lord did the work of convincing me to follow him. One night when I was attending a service, the pastor made the invitation. At that moment I received Christ in my heart and now I am such a happy man.

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