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Preacher Tativada Prabhudas

Wife: Ramulamma(deceased)
Children: 0
Country: India

Needs additional support
What is a sponsorship?

      Chodavaram is a small village situated in the district of East Godavari. Our village is village is known for terrorists. Even though there are many police, still the terrorists kidnapped several officials of the government. I came to this village after I was married with my wife. After my marriage, my wife and I went to Rajahmundry City to know more about Jesus Christ. On the final day of a three day revival, Pastor Kumar gave an invitation and I accepted Christ as my personal Savior. My wife also confessed her sins and accepted Christ. After returning to our village, I started conducting prayer services. Week after week people responded and members increased. We decided to build a prayer hall. The terrorists threatened us and said not to build. I ignored and continued building. While I was gone one day, they threatened my wife but she rejected them. One of the men stabbed my wife and she died. The next day we went to bury her, but the villagers obstructed, so we buried her in another village. Now I am not having my wife, but still I love Jesus. After six months, I started building the prayer hall. Now no one has attacked me. For Christ's sake I lost my wife. Still I am faithful to Him.

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