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Preacher Indugapalli Lazarus

Wife: Deenaratham
Children: 2
Country: India

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   †††In my village, most of the people are Hindus but I observed Christians who were worshipping in homes every Sunday. The Hindus always worship lifeless idols. One day, I went to speak to a gardener who was a Christian. His pastor was there and gave me tracts and presented me a New Testament. I determined to follow the teachings of Jesus and attended church regularly without my parentís knowledge. When they came to know of this, they dismissed this gardener servant of theirs from his work. My parents ordered the servants not to give me any food so I went hungry for many days. I wondered how long I could endure the hunger. I started begging on the roads and shops. I did not look weak so everyone would refuse to give me alms and they would drive me off. I thought of pretending to be blind and started begging for food during the night. I dragged on like this but I heard people say,

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