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Preacher K. Joseph

Wife: Sanjeevamma
Children: 3
Country: India

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      I come from a weaver’s caste. I used to hate Christians and Christianity. I was suffering from a terrible weakness. I thought that the gods my village worships would save me, but they would not. I have friends who are Muslims and I thought their god would save me but he did not. Then I met a friend who was a teacher when I was a child and he took me to a Christian doctor. After he examined me, he said I had tuberculosis and it was going to spoil both lungs and he promised to treat me. I had no money so I went to my wife but she would not give me any. I went to my father-in-law but he refused to help because he did not want to speak to a TB patient. He did not want his daughter to speak to me because TB is contagious. My teacher friend encouraged me.

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