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Preacher Tom Okeyo Obiero

Wife: Phoebe Anyango Okeyo
Children: 3
Country: Kenya

Needs additional support
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      I became a Christian in 1988 during a Christian Youth Rally.I realized that I was a sinner and that God loves me so much that he gave his only son for me.I accepted the love of God expressed through Christ and became saved.After Salvation, I was not very well natured in the Christian faith until I went to the youth camp in 1989 when I felt the need for spiritual growth.Through the spiritual struggles that I went through, I realized the call of God to the ministry to help others see too the Love of God and also to disciple others so t hat they may not lead a life of spiritual struggles and lack of growth.I made the decision to answer the call to the ministry by joining a Bible College for better equipment for the ministry.Since my graduation in 1995, I have been serving God as a minister of the word of God.

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