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Urgent Needs - Arabic Bibles

Ongoing need!

Here’s an urgent need you can pray about and maybe help with …

What a time to live and serve!

Have you been watching what is going on in the Middle East?

I was in Ghana when the revolt in Egypt broke out. Days earlier we saw the people in Tunisia take to the street after a young man sacrificed his life to the fire in order to bring light to the suffering they live under. Within a day, though not reported by the news media, the same event happened nine times in several other countries. The spark in Tunisia lit a flame across North Africa that has spread to the Arabian peninsula and the eastern Mediterranean. Most every Islamic country is now up for grabs and believe me, many are grabbing like a drowning man. The outcome is yet to be known. Yesterday Kaddafi ordered his military aircraft to fire on civilians. The news reported several hundred dead but our sources bring the total closer to a thousand. Several pilots flew instead to Malta for refuge, refusing to fire on their own citizens.




Just about two days before Tunisia erupted, we had men there from another Islamic nation who were smuggling in thousands of New Testaments. A tip from a confidential government source informed us that the authorizes were looking for our brothers. We quickly got them out of the country via an international flight. The house where they were staying was emptied of the remaining “cargo” before the host family dove our men to the airport. Two hours after they returned home, their house was stormed by the police who had come to arrest the smugglers. The owner could honestly respond to them by asking, “What smugglers? There is no one here but us.” Because we had an inside contact and some available funds we were able to get these men out before they were arrested, saving their lives and our infrastructure and cell network.

What does this mean for us? Frankly, it provides us with an open door to get New Testaments into nearly every North African, Islamic nation. Why? Because right now, the governments that are still struggling for power are doing just that, struggling to stay alive. Their attention is on survival, not on smuggling. Governments that have already collapsed are scurrying to gain control of the military, domestic commerce, etc. Their attention is on their own problems, not on our evangelism

How long will this window be open? We have no idea, but we do know that we should act before it gets shut again. And it will be shut tight for some time as new governments isolate themselves from the outside, in order to stifle and quell internal unrest. We may have a few weeks to accelerate our smuggling or even a month. After that the door will be shut tight and the danger level will return to hostility once again. The advice that Jesus gave to Judas is appropriate … what we are going to do, we need to do quickly.

We don’t save up funds for smuggling. As funds arrive, they depart. On any given day of the month we are transporting New Testaments into either Saudi Arabia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Yeman, Egypt, Bahrain, Turkey, Iraq, Iran or other countries. Though there is no credit to be given or taken, it goes without saying that the distribution of the Word of God has had some influence in what is taking place today; just as the revolution that overthrew the Communist government of Romania years ago began on the steps of a Baptist church.

So, if you have any available funds that you would like to put towards getting copies of God’s Word into the hands of those who are hungry for it, then please respond to this request just as quickly as you can. You may send a check and label it 'Arabic Bibles', or reply by clicking here.

Thanks for your help!

Jon Nelms

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Preacher Chandra Arasaiah

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Country: India

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