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Byalee Ardee

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Country: Thailand
Wife's Name: Pailee Saelee
Children: 2
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Preacher Rapaka Ashirvadam

Wife: Ludiyamma
Children: 3
Country: India

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   I came to know the Lord through an accident that happened to my daughter. She swallowed a coin and we could not get it from her. We took her to a Christian lady to pray for her and then took her to the doctor and after three days, the coin came out. I had told God that if He would save my daughter's life, I would give my life to Him. When He gave life to my daughter, I wanted to keep my vow. My family did not agree, but I honored what I had said to God. I went and sought out the pastor. He told me about Jesus dying on the cross and I confessed my sins and put my faith in Jesus.

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