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Victor Onwukwe

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Country: Nigeria
Wife's Name: Not Married
Children: 0
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I am a young un-married man from Ezuhu Nguru in Nigeria. I was a strong member of the Roman Catholic Church. There came a day in October of 1996 when I went alone to my former church. When I arrived I found myself alone inside the church hall. As I was praying, saying my Rosary, a voice sounded in my ears. He called me by name saying “Victor, there is no salvation in saying the Rosary.” This divine voice kept me speechless, unable to pray further, and instantly I lost the joy of the Rosary.

After this incident I joined a group of boys that invited me to Bible study class held by Reverend Lucas Ulo. He preached the gospel to us starting in John 3:16 that expressed the love of God to Mankind.

I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and I opened my heart to Him (Rev. 3:20). I prayed and confessed my sins to God and asked for forgiveness (1 John 1:9; Heb. 10:17). I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Personal Savior (John 1:12; John 10:27-29). Joy filled my heart and life. Amen! I was trained by Rev. Ulo and I attended Narrow Way Bible School.

I live in a two room house with my widowed mother and two younger sisters. My house is made of concrete blocks, wood, and corrugated zinc. I do small gardening in my back yard. I plant Yam, Co-co-yam, Cassava, Plantain, and other fruits and vegetables. My only income is love offerings from my church.

Presently I am serving at Eternal Life Baptist Church in Umuanuma Nguru, Nigeria. I work with the Igbo Tribe and I speak English and Igbo. In my ministry I have led over 350 people to Christ and baptized about 130. I have helped plant 4 churches and trained two pastor/evangelists for the ministry. I am training two other pastors for the ministry right now through special Bible classes. I am regularly involved in church planting, literature distribution, discipleship, visitation evangelism, Bible school teacher, open air evangelism, and intercession/prayer Ministry.

Report Files

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To date this preacher has:

Churches Started8
Villages Evangelized83
Professions of Faith118
Believers Baptized72
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Preacher Vemanir Samuel Raju

Wife: Prasanthi
Children: 5
Country: India

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