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Bathina Samuel Raju

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Country: India
Wife's Name: Estheru Rani
Children: 2
Support Application
Support Application

I am serving as a pastor in a backward area. There are some rich and strong devotees of god Krishna here. My family is a political one and became the leader of the town. From my childhood I hated Christians and used to persecute them.

There was one school teacher in my village who is a Christian and I used to give him troubles. They always feared my terrible deeds. Poor and low caste people turn to Christians, it is thought. I used to tear the literature and tracts up. I became a rough boy and the villagers feared me. Once I tried to set fire to the Christian van distributing tracts in our village.

After some months, I fell ill and was admitted to the hospital in a neighboring town. My parents spent much money on me, but the doctors said I was hopeless. I had a viral fever that is quite prevalent in our villages. Finally, I was dismissed from the hospital and taken home. I was unconscious and many villagers saw me this way.

The Christian teacher came to my house and convinced my parents to let him pray for me. Since nothing else worked, they agreed. On the second day I opened my eyes but could not see or speak. On the third day also they prayed for me and Jesus gave me strength to speak. My family was glad and began to pray and praise Jesus. I also came to know all this and accepted Jesus. I was admitted to Bible school and began preaching when I finished schooling.

This is an idol worshiping village of the river goddess and witness was hard. My God heard my repeated prayers and now I am able to win some souls to Jesus. Please pray for me

Report Files

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May 2011 - Aug 2011Sep 2011 - Dec 2011Jan 2012 - Apr 2012
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May 2014 - Aug 2014Sep 2014 - Dec 2014Jan 2015 - Apr 2015
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To date this preacher has:

Churches Started14
Villages Evangelized37
Professions of Faith356
Believers Baptized220
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Preacher A. Paul Kumar

Wife: Rebeaka Vijaya Lakshmi
Children: 4
Country: India

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