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Bathina Baburao

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Country: India
Wife's Name: Mary Kumari
Children: 5
Support Application
Support Application

How I became a Christian is an unusual story. I belong to a small village which is situated by all sides mountains and forests. I was a Hindu by religion. There are no temples in our village. The people worship forest goddesses and offer animal sacrifices. In the dense forests some tribes are in practice of offering human sacrifices to the goddesses in belief of getting supernatural and mystic powers.

I am a tribesman. Our main occupation is hunting. I used to hunt small animals and birds and walk a long distance to reach the nearby town and sell birds and also mutton of small animals. I am a good shooter. I neither have a gun or a rifle. I use only a bow and arrows. I can understand and write the native language.

One day I had gone to the forest to hunt. I was going on and on but I found no trace of either birds or animals. It was nearly sunset. I decided to hurry up the return but I took the wrong route and could not make it back to my village before dark. I found a cave and gathered wood for a fire to stay there over night.

The next morning I decided to explore the cave and I found 3 skeletons with worn out clothes. It was a terrible scene and I feared terribly. I saw metal chains and bracelets around the necks and arms. I also found 2 old rusted rifles, bullets, coins, etc. and a small bag. I opened the bag and found some papers teaching about Christ. There was an address of a church on the back and I went there and met the pastor and he explained to me how to be saved and I accepted the Lord as my Savior.

Since becoming a Christian, I have led 75 people to Christ and started two churches. I am training others for the ministry and am a pastor in tribal areas. I do not work any secular jobs and depend solely upon offerings of the people which are with me. Sometimes I won't eat because there is no money for food. Now and then the people in the tribal area give food grains to me. Your financial help will be a considerable blessing to me and my ministry.

Report Files

Every 4 months sponsorship funds are sent to the preachers. With it goes a Missionary Report Form for each one to complete and return to our office. After compilation of statistics they are forwarded by mail or email to the sponsors. Below are past report forms from this preacher. They have been modified to protect the financial data of the sponsor.

Sep 1996 - Dec 1996Jan 1997 - Apr 1997May 1997 - Aug 1997
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Jul 2018 - Sep 2018

To date this preacher has:

Churches Started53
Villages Evangelized89
Professions of Faith1376
Believers Baptized1030
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Preacher D. K. Yeswanth

Wife: Martha Uzeiah
Children: 0
Country: India

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