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Sirra China Aseervadam

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Country: India
Wife's Name: Rajyalaxmi
Children: 2
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I am a convert from Hinduism. I was born into an idol worshipping family. From my childhood I hated Christianity and thought that it was a foreign religion. Growing up I used to travel all over my district and one time I happened to see a pamphlet called “The Real Love of God”. I took it to my house and read through it. In it was the verse found in John 3:16. This verse made me to think about the difference in Christianity and the religions of India. Instead of punishing sinners, God the Almighty pardoned them.

I began to read the bible and one night I slept thinking of Jesus. In the morning I met the pastor and he explained to me the simple way of salvation. It was then that I gave my heart to Jesus.

Immediately I had the burden of saving all my relatives and villagers. This made me to work as an efficient evangelist in my area. All my labor in God became fruitful and as a result I have led 190 souls to know Jesus. I have also started two churches and trained two men who are now serving in the ministry as preachers. My wife, my two children and my parents agree for me to work as a full time servant of God. I am pastoring my own church and visit in the neighboring villages preaching. We have not many roads, only trails and sometimes I am faced with danger from wild animals at night as I walk home. My family and I live in a bamboo house that has a palm branch roof. You can see it in one of our photos. I am praying for a bicycle or a motor scooter.

Report Files

Every 4 months sponsorship funds are sent to the preachers. With it goes a Missionary Report Form for each one to complete and return to our office. After compilation of statistics they are forwarded by mail or email to the sponsors. Below are past report forms from this preacher. They have been modified to protect the financial data of the sponsor.

May 2008 - Aug 2008May 2009 - Aug 2009Sep 2009 - Dec 2009
Jan 2010 - Apr 2010May 2010 - Aug 2010Sep 2010 - Dec 2010
Jan 2011 - Apr 2011Sep 2011 - Dec 2011Jan 2012 - Apr 2012
Sep 2012 - Dec 2012May 2013 - Dec 2013Jan 2014 - Apr 2014
May 2014 - Aug 2014Sep 2014 - Dec 2014Jan 2015 - Apr 2015
May 2015 - Aug 2015Jan 2016 - Mar 2016Apr 2016 - Jun 2016

To date this preacher has:

Churches Started28
Villages Evangelized68
Professions of Faith1096
Believers Baptized565
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Preacher A. Ambrose

Wife: Elizabeth
Children: 2
Country: India

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