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Lanka Uday Kumar

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Country: India
Wife's Name: Lalitha Ratnam
Children: 2
Support Application
Support Application

I was born into a family that worshipped idols. My father was a gentile. He was a school teacher. My mother was a survivor of a fire accident where she was burned over 90% of her body. During the time of her pain a local pastor came to visit her and taught about the healing nature of Jesus. At last she was fully aware of Jesus and confessed her sins before God and admitted Jesus as her personal Savior. Her strong faith in God made my father believe in Jesus too. Even though I am the oldest I could not say any objection to them. Later on I too was saved.

My parents sent me to Kakinada for Bible training for two years. I returned after my successful completion. With this education I served the Lord along with my wife who accompanies me in street preaching.

All of a sudden on day my father died with a serious disease and I had to take over the full responsibility of our family. I became a full time pasto5r and the local youth love me and used to help me in all my church activities and revival meetings. In this way my activities were guided by the Holy Spirit. I experienced Him working in my congregation. Day by day the members increased.

We are a poor family with many needs. We live in a house with temporary walls and a roof made of palm branches. I have started two churches and have trained one man for the ministry. I have a bicycle that I use to travel from church to church and that helps me a great deal. In this ministry I have led more than one hundred people to Christ and baptized more than eighty of them already. Now I have extended my ministry into the hill areas. Please pray that I can receive a scooter from the Lord so that I can travel to more places to preach.

Report Files

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To date this preacher has:

Churches Started32
Villages Evangelized60
Professions of Faith1231
Believers Baptized709
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Preacher Bernard Wanjala Chesoli

Wife: Lednidah Nasimiyu
Children: 5
Country: Kenya

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   I thank God for His great love He has to mankind.For awhile I was still a sinner.Jesus, the begotten Son of God died on the cross for my sins and of others also.I received Jesus as my Lord on June 5, 1976 as per Romans 10:9&10.I had the call of joining full ministry in 1981, after reading Mathews 28:18-20.I joined the Baptist Bible Institute from 1981-1983.I graduated.

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