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Manda Trimurthulu

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Country: India
Wife's Name: Anna Mani
Children: 2
Support Application
Support Application

I was a Hindu, a native of a small village in India. One day when washing clothes at the river, my wife found some tracts in some of the pants she was washing. I read them one by one and learned about Jesus and his teachings. Later I went to the nearby town and met the pastor. He taught me about the teachings and miracles of Jesus and the simple way of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ by His grace.

After turning to Christ many people turned against me. My wife left me. Some of my customers stopped coming to my laundry service. I was forced to close my laundry service. My relatives decided to boycott me from our caste.But this only made me more firm and stubborn. My enthusiasm towards the Lord's service grew immensely in me. On account of Christ, I lost my wife, my profession, and my money. But because of Christ I got mental peace, tranquility and enlightenment. I was satisfied with the teachings of Jesus. After some months, my wife came to me with tears and joined me. We are now happy in the Lord.

Since that time I have started two churches and have trained three men for the minsitry. I have over one hundred twenty members in my church and they are faithful in thier attendance. Our church is made of sticks and mud walls. The floor is the dirt. My house is made of the same materials.

Of course our people are very poor and thier tithe is not enough to care for us but we serve the Lord and survivie from day to day. Your support will be a great belssing to our church and to my family.

Report Files

Every 4 months sponsorship funds are sent to the preachers. With it goes a Missionary Report Form for each one to complete and return to our office. After compilation of statistics they are forwarded by mail or email to the sponsors. Below are past report forms from this preacher. They have been modified to protect the financial data of the sponsor.

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To date this preacher has:

Churches Started30
Villages Evangelized52
Professions of Faith1860
Believers Baptized540
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Preacher Gosala Krupa Rao

Wife: Santha Kumari
Children: 4
Country: India

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    Radhapalem is a tiny village with a population of 6 to 8,000 people in the state of Andhra Prudish, named after a famous Hindu goddess by name of Rah. My father was a Baptist preacher. Though I was raised in a Christian family I was not interested in Christianity right from my childhood because Christians in India are very poor and mainly from people belonging to minorities and weaker sections of our society and only untouchables in our community will accept Christ.

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