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Dadala Papa Rao

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Country: India
Wife's Name: Simhachalam
Children: 2
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I belong to Dondamura Village. We are all low caste people and here and there some rich people because of their land property. My younger brothers rear cattle that belong to the rich landlords. We are very poor. Some Christians would come to our village sometimes and teach about Jesus, but I never attended or paid any respect to their words.

One day I was in the fields planting the tiny paddy plants. At noon we take rest. At about 12:00 I saw a bright light around me. I fell down as I could not bear to see the light. When I got up I heard a figure in pure white garments speaking to me and the same person asked me to do gospel work and he said I am the chosen vessel by Him. I did not know what to do. I called the other women and men and told them what all happened. They said it was the Lord who came to me and told me to be his disciple.

I went to a pastor in the village, and informed him about how a light shone round me. He also wondered at what I said. He said St. Paul also was asked and apointed by God to be His disciple. He asked me to confess my sins and take Baptism. So I did. But I did not know anything about Christianity. I never read the Bible. I never heard about Jesus' teachings. I bought a Bible from the pastor and started reading. I stopped my father's work of rearing cattle. I did not go to my house. I had no food for many days. I went out of the house with my Bible and started witnessing about Jesus. My parents hired someone that tried to cure me of what they thought was demon possession. He beat me. Eventually I ran away. I lost my property because of Christ. I lost my other sisters, brother and even mother. With the help of Pastor Kumar I started a church. Please pray for us.

Report Files

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Jul 1994 - Sep 1994Oct 1994 - Dec 1994Jan 1995 - Mar 1995
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To date this preacher has:

Churches Started76
Villages Evangelized125
Professions of Faith1510
Believers Baptized1272
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Preacher M Lazar

Wife: Rosy Lazar
Children: 2
Country: India

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