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Marlapudi Peddakrushna

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Country: India
Wife's Name: Deva Pushpa Latha
Children: 3
Support Application

†††When I was born, I was the eldest son. For seven years another child was not born so I lived like a prince in a poor family. I come from a village where most of the people are illiterate. We worked in the sugar cane fields and paddies growing rice. We worship cows and decorate our walls with dung water. As I grew up, I had many friends from other castes who use to discuss topics in religion. One of these boys asked me which god I worshipped. I said I worshipped none but my parents worship Rama and Krishna. He asked me again who I worshipped so I just said Jesus, even though I did not, and he got mad. This boy was a Brahman and my other friend was a Muslim. They argued over who was greater, the Hindu god or the Muslim god. Someone said, which is the True and Living God? They could not give me a reply so I said the Lord Jesus. Again, they rebelled against me.

†††The first place I witnessed was in my wife's house. She thought that I was mad and said she would tell her father so I told her it is okay to tell him. Then my troubles began. He asked me to quit his house so I was cast out, never to enter again. My father became alarmed. He was ashamed to have a son who was a Christian. He would not see my face and would not give me any property. I was going about boldly to do God's work. For many days, I had no food and I felt weak.

†††I used bamboo to erect a prayer shed and people came, little by little to hear me preach the Gospel. Eventually, my wife came and accepted Christ as her Savior. Now I have been in this village for some time and I have 56 people in my congregation They give me an income every year of $3.00. I use this money in helping to train two men for the ministry who have gone out and started their own churches now. I have had 150 converts and 71% of these have been baptized. I have also gone out now to start a second church.

†††You will see in our enclosed photographs what our churches and our people look like. They are very simple. It costs us nothing to build a church, unless we have a tin roof, and then, for only $500.00, I can build a church building. My time is spent now in evangelizing and in Bible study. My wife spends her time helping to train women in the church so that they can teach their children about the Gospel. She has become a great witness for the Lord and I thank God for her.

Report Files

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To date this preacher has:

Churches Started77
Villages Evangelized120
Professions of Faith1673
Believers Baptized1338
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Preacher Sean Mom

Wife: Teng Sophoan
Children: 4
Country: Cambodia

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