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Here you can download any of our publicy viewable Policies that we adhere to.

Policies and Principles for Tax Deductible Donations to Final Frontiers Foundation.

Conflict of Interest Policy that is signed annually by each board member.

Acceptable Use Policy that is signed by each employee regarding the useage of electronic devices and network resources.

Document Retention Policy that is signed by each employee regarding the storage of information.

Whistleblower Policy regarding whistleblowing and the employee protection, signed by each employee.

Preacher Manda Trimurthulu

Wife: Anna Mani
Children: 2
Country: India

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      I was a Hindu, a native of a small village in India. One day when washing clothes at the river, my wife found some tracts in some of the pants she was washing. I read them one by one and learned about Jesus and his teachings. Later I went to the nearby town and met the pastor. He taught me about the teachings and miracles of Jesus and the simple way of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ by His grace.

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