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Here you can download any of our publicy viewable Policies that we adhere to.

Policies and Principles for Tax Deductible Donations to Final Frontiers Foundation.

Conflict of Interest Policy that is signed annually by each board member.

Acceptable Use Policy that is signed by each employee regarding the useage of electronic devices and network resources.

Document Retention Policy that is signed by each employee regarding the storage of information.

Whistleblower Policy regarding whistleblowing and the employee protection, signed by each employee.

Preacher Fred Ghanson

Wife: Margaret Dwamena
Children: 4
Country: Ghana

Needs additional support
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      I went to church from the time I was young but I never really knew Jesus until I was 22. It was then that I met an evangelist, while staying in a different town from my home and I asked Christ to come into my heart. My wife was raised as a Catholic but one day she attended a seminar that was conducted by a Baptist church. That day she realized her need for salvation and she gave her heart and life to Jesus.

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