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  • National Preacher Support - Support a national pastor for $35 a month to help in his ministry.

  • Touch A Life - Support a child for $35 a month to feed them physically and spiritually.

  • Bags of Hope - Give an entire family a little hope for today, tommorow and beyond for $20 a month.

  • Daily Bread - Help to feed our unsupported children while we find them a sponsor.

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  • Smugglers - Printing and distributing His word all over the world, including closed Islamic nations.

  • Camels for Egypt - Buy a camel for $50 for the Christians who meet in different locations weekly for worship to avoid persecution.

  • High Calling - A missions adventure for teen and young adults who are serious about their commitment to Christ.

Preacher Yellappa M

Wife: Radha (Sunitha)
Children: 2
Country: India

Needs additional support
What is a sponsorship?

   I am known in my country as Nil.I live in India with my wife Radha and two children, named Umesh and Lata.Both my wife and I are from the tribe of Madar.I was raised in a typical Hindu family where my family worshipped the god Jain.I was required to follow after my priest, bowing at his feet and worshipping him.This priest would walk naked, so to please him, I too would walk naked.My guru did not ever appreciate what I did to please him.One day I heard the gospel being preached.I heard about a loving God who sent His only Son to die for me and then and there I accepted Jesus as my Savior and ask for forgiveness of my sins.Prior to my salvation I would not even kill an ant.I was afraid.I had been taught that if I killed even an insect that I would return in my next life as that which I had killed.

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