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India Crusade 2005

Our campaign in Rajahmundry will be March 6-8 of 2005. During those days this city of nearly one million people will swell with over 250,000 visitors who will come there to worship their idol gods and wash their sins away in the sacred river. We will be there to capture their desire for salvation and preach to them about the Living God. I expect thousands to be saved and directed to one of the 300 + churches that we have in their region.

Many of the costs for this event have already been pledged:
  • One million tracts
  • Live television broadcasts to reach millions who cannot attend
  • Training materials for pastors, their wives and church leaders

You will see as you watch the video that this is an opportunity for us to reach tens of thousands, face to face in just a few days. Pastors from our outlying village churches are begging for us to provide transportation for them to bring their people, both saved and unsaved. From the greatest distance, four hours away, this will cost only $1 per person. From nearby villages, we can bring ten or more for that price. Reaching dozens and more from the same area, upon returning to their villages, will result in revivals breaking out all over with additional thousands being saved.

Our plan is to bring husbands and wives together and to give each couple a New Testament to take home with them. These cost only 25 cents each! The chairs will rent for only 5 cents per day, the 3000 seat civic center and the grounds outside where the campaign will be held rents for only $100 per day. With such inexpensive means available, we dare not miss this opportunity for a harvest of souls. Nowhere that I know of on earth, can so many be reached with so little investment.

You can help us with your offerings as you have in years past. We believe that each dollar given will easily result in one man and wife being able to attend and receiving Godís Word. Incredibly, one dollar will introduce a family to Christ! Here in America, a dollar canít even get you a cup of coffee; there it can get the gospel and a copy of Godís Word to a family.

After watching our short video, if you feel led to help, click the link below and contribute on line. If you prefer, mail in a check or call our office and we will personally take down your information. Our number is 800-522-4324. And when you have done what you are led to do, I ask you to do two things more Ö pray continually and send this link to a friend who can be blessed by giving.

Thank you so much for your help.
Jon Nelms

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The video is 6 minutes 46 seconds long.

P.S. If you wish to have the video mailed to you so that you can play it on a DVD player at church or on your computer then please use the Contact Us form or call us at 800-522-4324.

If you wish to help with the crusade you can donate money by clicking below

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Children: 3
Country: Togo

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