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Preacher Yarlagadda Yesaiah

Wife: Y. Drakshazalli
Children: 2
Country: India

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      I hereby declare that I led a bad and sinful life in my youth. I was very wicked; drinking, cheating, and playing games with cards and other sins. I was no good. I had no God. In such a way, I led my life. One day I was arrested but I was able to escape my arrest. One day, I was caught on a train without paying a ticket, and when I was taken into custody, I gave smart replies and was beaten. One of the ticket checkers was a Christian. He came to me and asked me about my life. He paid the fines on my behalf and took me to his house. He gave me water for a bath and food to eat, and then he began to tell me about Jesus. He explained the story of the prodigal son. My heart was burning. I began to weep and I touched his feet begging him to save me from destruction.

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